Easy Virtue (2008)

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Set in the twilight of the roaring twenties and at the cusp of the next decade, EASY VIRTUE is the story of John Whittaker, a young Englishman who, after falling head-over-heels in love with glitzy American Larita, finds himself getting married rather promptly. Returning to the family home, Larita’s newfound mother-in-law develops an instant allergic reaction to the Whitakers’ newest family member. While accommodating to Mrs Whittaker’s prickly personality at first, Larita quickly discovers that in order to make her marriage work, she must play her mother-in-law at her own game, and a battle of wits ensue…

  • Runtime:97 minutes
  • Languages:English, French
  • Genres:Comedy, Romance
  • Countries:UK, Canada
  • Goofs:Continuity: When John and Larita drive to the ruined castle and get out of the car, they leave the car doors open. After a head-shot of the two talking to each other, they walk past the car towards the castle, and the driver's door is now closed.
    Revealing mistakes: When Larita first sees John after the race in Monte Carlo the mechanic in the bottom right of the shot takes his hat off and waves it in the air. A second or so later when she looks back at John, the same mechanic takes his hat off and waves it again indicating the shot was duplicated.
    Anachronisms: Both Larita and Marion are seen reading "Lady Chatterley's Lover," which was not published in England until 1960 (the film is set in the late 1920s or early 1930s). (Of course, Larita could have brought the book with her from the Continent.)
    Anachronisms: While in the nursery, John refers to something not scoring Larita any "brownie points." This phrase did not originate until the 1960s.
    Anachronisms: In the scene where the newlyweds arrive at the family estate, a footman unloads their luggage from the car. The suitcase shown is a Halliburton aluminum case, which wasn't available to the public until after World War Two, despite the film being set well before that war. The model shown was actually produced in the mid-1950s through the 1960s.
  • Also known as: Buenas costumbres (Argentina), Buenas costumbres (Mexico), Bons Costumes (Brazil), Easy Virtue - Eine unmoralische Ehefrau (Germany), Enas oneiremenos gamos (Greece - transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title), Evlilik sinavi (Turkey - Turkish title), Könnyed erkölcsök (Hungary - imdb display title), Kerglased kombed (Estonia), Kevytkenkäinen (Finland), Lett på tråden (Norway - imdb display title), Secrete din trecut (Romania), Små skandaler (Sweden), Un mariage de rêve (France), Un matrimonio all'inglese (Italy), Una familia con clase (Spain), Virtude Fácil (Portugal), Wojna domowa (Poland),
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