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Uche Benjamin lovely face, and transportation is not all there is to Nollywood actress. It ‘friendly, unpredictable, hard worker and has pissed off the wrong impression people have about the Nigerian actors and actresses.

In an interview, a graduate in biochemistry from the University of Port Harcourt has revealed his ideas on various things, and it does not take gender roles. Excerpts from:

What attracted you to the film industry?

As a child, I acted dramas, while in primary school. In the church, too, have been a member of the theater and the review reinforced my interest in acting. I like being able to play roles and act like someone other than myself. It gives me great pleasure to do what I do.

I heard it’s always been for me, so when I graduated from the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), I went to a private school of acting, where my skills were honed. Later, Segun Arinze told me to try co-organized by Chico Ejiro Grand Touch Pictures and based on his recommendation, I went for a test and were impressed with my performance. Since then I have given the lead role in the film. From there I went to many of the tests, but I have a lot of jobs.

What do you like most about being an actress?

I like the fact that I do what I have a gift for. That’s what I like and I always fantasized about a child. It gives me satisfaction and rest.

What have you learned about this since you joined Nollywood?

I learned to have a normal transport and now I know more about life. The industry has also taught me to be humble. Basically, people get certain things and nerves, but just need to be controlled and ignore them. If not, then it means you do not want to work. With a view to provoking delibrate not mean you’re weak, you have emerged a stonger person and may be able to handle all the challenges we face in life.

What bothers to become an actress?

Not much, just the fact that few people have gained a false impression about some actresses. The label you a role you play in a movie and call you names printed.

In your opinion, Nollywood improvement?

Yes It will improve because we are better than what we can offer to viewers years ago. We have a great talent and great notions. Nollywood in terms of image quality has improved greatly, which happens a lot. Furthermore, the perception that our films are always predictable changes, however, still some scripts that make you laugh. most creative and dynamic producers are gaining a lot of movies Nollywood.

What would you change in Nollywood?

I want to change the stereotypes and the same faces every time. It is a great improvement in this area. New talent is exposed to the experts too. If there was no possibility of future actions can not be stars in the industry.

What Nollywood superstars has worked?

I worked with Uche Jumbo, Kate Henshaw, Ossaia Emeka and Jackie Appiah. How was working with them?

It was a beautiful experience, and they are wonderful people. I admire when I see them on screen, and I always wanted to work with them. So it was a wish come true when I worked with them.

Who is your model in this area?

My model number is a Liz Benson. Although she does not play, people say I look like her and have the same face structure, i. I also admire Uche Jumbo and I love to watch movies a lot. I was happy to work with her and I love to learn from each other.

What were your challenges and how did you react?

The challenges I have experienced so far have to do with work. I was in the bank one day when a lady approached me and accused me of sleeping with her husband of his sister. It was actually a role to play in a movie. I was embarrassed because people looked at us as if you were creating a scene. Probably felt it was my lifestyle and was not acting as a prank on someone. He spoke in a hostile manner, as if she was very upset.

I had to make him understand that I was only the interpretation of a role and I’m not the kind of person who would do such. It’s really difficult, because here in Nigeria, when you do something, they attach it to your personality as it did in the movie Crossroads. These roles have given a false impression of me. In addition, I was forced to fight in a different role I played.

I laughed when I read the script, because I had never fought before, but the producer encouraged me to give it a shot. These are the challenges aside other personal problems we experience. In addressing these challenges, I had to tell myself I can do my job and yet, I’m playing a role that I may be out of the screen. I distinguish the work I do with my life completely.

Tell us some of the movies you act

I, heartache, desire Adams, Margaret Thatcher and so on.

Which brought you on stage?

Everlasting Love.

What was most difficult?

Ego. It was very difficult but I am happy to get through the day.

She is also a model, we must travel modeling, and how much you want to go.

I’d love to bring modeling when I was working. I am a model Sammie Okposo, one of his music videos, song called Wedding. I also did a commercial juice Bobo and I have a new soap in the calendar display on the market. I ventured into modeling, because when people see me, they will recommend to the appearance and skin unblemished. And ‘nice and beautiful because he asked me a nice income.

How difficult was modeling and acting at the same time?

Combining work and not very demanding, but very good. This is to balance the time and planning to ensure their jobs are not in conflict with each other. I’ve always been very attentive to the two and so far am very satisfied with both jobs.

As you read the display with both jobs?

Now I am careful where I go, unlike before when I think people know me don? T because I am new to the industry. Surprisingly, in places like banks, people say: “I saw you yesterday” or even post comments on Facebook, which is an indication that what they see. So I tell myself that I must be careful in what I do and where I go. Although I am still young in Nollywood I have no privacy, I wonder what will follow. Sometimes I imagine what celebrities go through because they lost their privacy and are not free to speak and live as they want to live.

How many people refer to you as an actor?

Relate well with me. Many people are impressed and happy with me because I am an actress.

What do you value most about being in Nollywood?

I appreciate the fact that I do what I want, I have a great passion for it.

What are the benefits they enjoy because of your state?

A lot of advantages. One of these is the fact that I am more careful when I go places and I recognized what makes it a lot easier.

Have you won any awards?

He received the award for my achievements Ghana Initiative. I also received a grant from the popular city as an actress to come into circulation.

Are you ready to participate in gender roles?

Never. Does not guarantee my stay at the top.

What script will reject as an actress?

Script the role I kind of reject. All Scripture, which tells the story of living life and its daily challenges, which I accept.

Will you act nude for the right price?

Never. Nudity is not in my agenda, regardless of price. I can not act nude. We all have rules, but there are some things you can not do. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I can not act nude.

You have been blessed financially through work?

Yes was to pay my bills and helps me to keep body and soul together.

What are you worth now?

I can not tell who is better known to me.

Who do you admire in the industry?

Genevive Nnaji, Uche Jombo, Bimbo Akintola.

What you grew up?

Very nice, my father worked at the airport, so we moved from one state to another. I speak three languages and will be a good Christian, a humble home.

Bless your family trip to Nollywood?

Yes My mother was a bit ‘relaxed about it, but my father was convinced I was going the right way, because he knew that he brought to me. They also followed me from childhood is the theater group of the church and also attended the academy acting. So they got their blessing and support.

Which of your parents had a greater influence on you growing up?

My father is a knight of the Anglican Church and has given us in the Christian faith. She was so narrow that a child, I used to apologize to his father, but now I am grateful to him, because my experience gives me joy. They are also close to my mother, because a servant, my father was always rough, and his mother was always one around, and we are a family of four girls and a boy. I am the first. So, I had the perfect upbringing wonderful parents.

What does love mean to you?

Love is very strong and not a joke. Love is everything to be compatible with someone and is compatible with any of you understand, but few know what it means to love. You can see someone says “I love you” to someone they just met for the first time. I think it’s funny and he’s up there something wrong with Karl. I believe that love is a gradual process, and actually comes with time.

Are you in love now and it’s the lucky?

I’m in love and the man known best for me. It is private. Even if they are now in the spotlight because of my acting career, my love life is private and I like that.

What about marriage?

Marriage is a sacred thing and a very private thing for me. I’m just not observant life partner, because marriage is not something to jump in and jump out when it is difficult. ‘S life, and I want to break my husband until death do us part, I’m getting married today and tomorrow for a divorce. I do not want to make a mistake in the future, marriage is for life.

What qualities do you keep an eye on the man?

Much, but godliness and honesty in particular. Must be the fear of God and have a living conscience. It should also be simple.

Do you remember your fist love, what was that experience?

E ‘was great. Love is beautiful when is the right person.

How do you know the right person?

Love in general is a wonderful thing, but there are people much more difficult there. Profess some guys like it when they don? T means that from their heart. ? S really difficult to know the right person, especially when it is attractive. Then I take my time trying to understand the motivations of a guy and I would advise women to be careful in general.

Can you date someone you played a romantic role?

No, I do not think it’s fair to do so because people want to read much meaning into it.

What if you like the boy in question, what are you doing?

I take time to reflect, as it is very sensitive. Love happens in the process not only instant stuff.

How do your friends handle the new space?

Some of them believe that I have not really had time for them and they snub me, but I do not do that. When you’re in the entertainment, which do not really expect to come, if you happen to be someone else. I told them and they have learned to accept myself as I am. I really do not have many friends. The girls are something else.

Why not keep a lot of girlfriends?

No, because the girls are unpredictable. However, not all girls. In reality are not what they say they are, so I prefer male friends. My male friends give me good advice and encouraged me to get the best out of me. I learned more about my male friends than friends.

Can you recall your happiest moment?

When I got good news for something I expected. It was really a dream for me at this time.

Whenever I was sad?

When I lost my best friend in the accident. After seeing him for the last time I visited, I never saw him again. Then he died.

What is the closest shave I have had with death?

My neighbor to ride with death was when I was in a car crash with friends. We were returning to their friend’s birthday party and we didnít know the driver was drunk. Car flip, but I thank God that nobody died.

How do you relax?

I like going to the cinema to see movies and read many newspapers and magazines about things. I am also a fashion and I like good things. I am also addicted to CSI on DSTV channel.

Tell us more about yourself.

I Uche Benjamin, I’m from the city of Owerri. I’m very social, very unpredictable, a goal getter and I like working hard.

What advice would you give to a model and aspiring actress?

My advice to future models and actresses is that they should not be very desperate. You must picture in mind their eyes what they want with their lives and career choices and go without fear.

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