Gods and Monsters (1998)

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Set in 1957, James Whale, the director of Show Boat (1936), The Invisible Man (1933), Frankenstein (1931), and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), had long since stepped back from the glamor and glitz of Hollywood. A stroke triggers once buried flashes of memory of his life in Dudley, his film career, and, most influentially, the trenches during the Great War. Haunted and lonely, he recounts many of his experiences to his musclebound gardener, Clay Boone. Despite the divide that exists between them, their friendship develops. Reliant on his sternly disapproving housemaid, Hannah, the flamboyant director whose time has passed sees himself slipping away, unable to stop the decline, and indulges his fantasies by coaxing Boone to model for him.

  • Rating: (16,309 votes)
  • Runtime:105 minutes
  • Language:English
  • Genres:Biography, Drama
  • Countries:UK, USA
  • Goofs:Continuity: When Clayton is discussing the lunch invitation with Hannah, the time on the kitchen clock jumps about inconsistently between shots.
    Continuity: The first time Clayton Boone drinks iced tea with James Whale, Clayton drinks most of his glass at once. The next time we see Clayton, his glass is almost full again.
    Continuity: When Hanna stands up to turn the TV off, she throws her napkin/towel on the small table in front of her. It covers most of the table, and also part of her plate (on the right side of the table). When she has turned the TV off and looks back at James, we see the towel lying neatly on the left side of the table.
    Anachronisms: The Fiesta disc pitcher used by Hanna in the studio is the post-1986 yellow not the original yellow that would have existed in 1957.
    Continuity: When James Whale and Boone get caught in the rain they shelter under an umbrella. In one shot Whale's right side is completely drenched, in a following shot his right side is much drier.
  • Also known as: Deuses e Monstros (Brazil), Deuses e Monstros (Portugal), Боги и монстры (Russia), Érzelmek tengerében (Hungary - imdb display title), Bogowie i potwory (Poland - imdb display title), Demoni e dei (Italy), Des dieux et des monstres (Canada - French title), Dioses y monstruos (Spain), Elim Oo'Miflatzot (Israel - Hebrew title), Frankensteinin isä (Finland), Ni dieux ni démons (France), The Father of Frankenstein (USA - working title), Theoi kai daimones (Greece - transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title),
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