Kangaroo Jack (2003)

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A comedy that follows the misadventures of two friends from Brooklyn who are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. While taking pictures of a kangaroo, one of them places his red jacket on it. When the wild kangaroo bounces off, they realize the mob money is in the jacket and are forced to give chase through the Outback.

  • Rating: (10,541 votes)
  • Runtime:89 minutes
  • Language:English
  • Genres:Adventure, Comedy, Crime
  • Countries:USA, Australia
  • Goofs:Continuity: When Charlie jumps into the lake with Jessie, he is wearing solid navy blue boxer shorts. Later when Charlie tells Louis to get his scissors out of his pocket, Louis lifts up his shirt and grabs the scissors and reveals that his boxer shorts have changed to green with a design, even though they are traveling with no additional clothes.
    Crew or equipment visible: In the car chase at the end, we see a camera in one shot, and a few crew members next to a large rock for a few seconds.
    Continuity: While the kangaroo kicking Charlie is shot in broad daylight, the reaction shot of Charlie falling on his back was clearly shot at near-dusk.
    Continuity: When Charlie is about to jump into the water fall pool with Jessie he is still wearing the "body paint" they used to disguise their scent from Kangaroo Jack. Before he jumps in, his paint disappears and reappears with each shot. He finally jumps in and without scrubbing at all, and comes out spotless and free of body paint.
    Factual errors: Kangaroos can not walk backwards.
  • Quotes:
    Louis: The kangaroo got the money!
    Charlie: What are you talking about?
    Louis: I put the money in the jacket, and the jacket on the kangaroo, and now he's hopping away!

    [Louis keeps driving into termite mounds]
    Charlie: Be careful Louis! You almost missed one!
  • Also known as: Canguro Jack (Argentina), Canguro Jack (Peru), Canguro Jack (Spain), Kangaroo Jack (Austria), Kangaroo Jack (Germany), Kangourou Jack (Canada - French title), Kangourou Jack (France), Кенгуру Джекпот (Russia), Canguro Jack trinca y brinca (Spain), Canguru Jack (Brazil), Down and Under (Australia - working title), Kænguru Jack (Denmark), Kangaroo Jack - Prendi i soldi e salta (Italy), Kenguru Jack (Hungary - imdb display title), Kleftis... canguro (Greece - DVD title),
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