Quicksand (2003)

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The workaholic head of the compliance section of a New York bank flies to Monaco to investigate unusual deposits from an offshore bank and meets a down-on-his-luck international film star who has become embroiled in criminal activities.

  • Rating: (1,279 votes)
  • Runtime:94 minutes
  • Languages:English, French, Russian
  • Genres:Drama, Crime, Thriller
  • Countries:France, UK, Germany
  • Goof:Factual errors: On leaving the casino, Elina tells Jake that '100,000 Francs is a lot of money', referring to his loss on the tables, Monaco uses the same currency as France, and the Euro was introduced as a 'hard' currency on January 1st 2002, long before this film is supposed to take place.
  • Quotes:
    Jake Mellows: What are you doing in my fucking room? Eh? Answer me, you stupid string of piss!
    Martin Raikes: I'm just looking for my daugther.
    Jake Mellows: [to the woman in his bed] Are you his daugther? She's not here. And even if I had slept with her, I don't remember the little tart.

    Jake Mellows: [pointing a rifle at Oleg and Lena] I am going to start counting. But I can only count up to three, because I am so thick. isn't that right, Oleg?
  • Also known as: Quicksand (Denmark - video title), Quicksand (France - video title), Quicksand (Italy), Quicksand (Spain), Quicksand - Gefangen im Treibsand (Austria - video title), Quicksand - Gefangen im Treibsand (Germany - video title), Armadilha Internacional (Brazil), Futóhomok (Hungary - imdb display title), Quicksand - Accusato di omicidio (Italy - imdb display title), Quicksand - Schmutziges Geld (Germany), Quicksand - petoksia ja valheita (Finland - TV title), Quicksand - valheita ja petoksia (Finland - video title), Respuesta armada (Argentina - video title), Un tueur aux trousses (France - TV title), Zivi pesak (Serbia),

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