The Way Back (2010)

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Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India.

  • Rating: (2,186 votes)
  • Runtime:133 minutes
  • Language:English
  • Genre:Drama
  • Country:USA
  • Goofs:Revealing mistakes: In the establishing long shot of the woodcutters, many of the prisoners are clearly only pretending to cut the logs, only tapping them with their axes.
    Factual errors: At the start of the movie we are told that in September 1939 the Germans invade Poland from the east and a few days later the Soviets invade from the east. However it was not a few days after the the Germans invaded that the Soviets invaded but 17 days.
  • Also known as: Caminho da Liberdade (Brazil - imdb display title), Caminho da Liberdade (Brazil - working title), Les chemins de la liberté (Belgium - imdb display title, French title), Les chemins de la liberté (France - imdb display title), Camino a la libertad (Spain - imdb display title), Gza shinisaken (Georgia), Niepokonani (Poland - imdb display title), The Way Back (Greece - imdb display title), Ukan dasabrunebeli gza (Georgia - imdb display title),

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