Unfaithful (2002)

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Now it is Connie who senses awkwardness in their relationship. Cops visit investigating Paul’s disappearance, because they found Connie’s name and address in his apartment. Some time later, after the body is found, they come again. She is evasive, trying to conceal that she knew Paul at all, and the cops easily pick up the inconsistencies in her story. Ed surprises her by lying to the police to corroborate her story. After she finds the pictures from the private investigator, the two finally come clean with each other.

  • Rating: (25,533 votes)
  • Runtime:124 minutes
  • Languages:English, French
  • Genres:Drama, Romance, Thriller
  • Countries:USA, Germany, France
  • Goofs:Continuity: When Connie first goes to bed with Edward, while he's testing his camcorder, the straps of her chemise jump on and off her shoulder between shots.
    Continuity: When Connie first goes to bed with Edward, while he's testing his camcorder there is several boxes on the bed. A minute later they are all gone but it seems like neither Connie nor Edward has moved them.
    Revealing mistakes: When Connie and Paul fall down together on the windy day they meet the "sidewalk" (crash mat) is being blown about by the wind.
    Revealing mistakes: When Edward is getting into the tub with Connie, his boxers are just barely visible as he lowers himself into the water.
    Continuity: As Constance is driving to the city in the rain, the license plate number on the front of the SUV is different than the number on the rear plate. Later in the film, though, the front plate number has changed to match the rear.
  • Quotes:
    Paul: Your eyes are amazing do you know that? You should never shut them, not even at night.

    Connie Sumner: Be happy for this moment, this moment is you life.
  • Also known as: Infidelidad (Argentina), Infidelidad (Colombia), Infidelidad (Mexico), Infidelidad (Peru), Untreu (Austria), Untreu (Germany), Untreu (Switzerland - German title), Infidèle (Canada - French title), Infidèle (France), Неверная (Russia), A hütlen (Hungary), Apisti (Greece - transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title), Bogedet (Israel - Hebrew title), Infidelidade (Brazil), Infiel (Portugal), Infiel (Unfaithful) (Spain - imdb display title), Kohtalokas syrjähyppy (Finland), Niewierna (Poland), Sadakatsiz (Turkey - Turkish title), Unfaithful - L'amore infedele (Italy), Unmei no onna (Japan),
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