Be Prepared To Lose Your Job

One day in 2005, I took a good hard look at myself, my age, where I was in life and where I wanted to be in five years time. I decided that I would pursue law as it was my boyhood ambition to find out what law was and how it functioned.

Like magic an ad appeared in one our local newspapers here in The Bahamas, advertising the registration period of law programme that would award an LLB. degree after successful completion and I did not have to leave my job because the course was being taught locally and in the evening.

I embraced this opportunity because it was fitting so nicely in my plans and I was glad for this moment even though it was very costly but my future expectations outweighs the cost of this program tremendously.

I went on and completed this program and was awarded an LLB legal degree, the journey was not always smooth, there were many turbulent moments but I persevered because this was something that I always wanted to do and I was prepared to be successful.

Like clock work after the completion of my studies I began to have difficulties on my job with the owner of the company where I was employed as the manager in charge of the entire business operation. Gradually, I saw the handwriting on the wall and accordingly I made the necessary adjustments. I began to reduce my financial obligations by reducing my bills and being very frugal in my expenditures.

Then it happen! the owner and I was engaged in a disagreement and he made the determination that it was better that we sever our ties. I looked at it and said quietly to myself,’ it is good to be prepared and to plan”. We parted company, times were rough here and there but by planning and persevering the end results will always be positive.

Today, I am employed and my legal education is at the centre of my new responsibilities and I am loving it.

I say to you be prepared to lose your job by preparing yourself mentally, financially and educationally, please don’t let your bosses “Move Your Cheese”! Be brave, be persistent but most of all be vigilant.

Life does not promise you or me anything but it will give us everything that we want if we honestly plan to acquire whatever we want.

In conclusion, I say to you please evaluate yourself and determine what are your strong and weak attributes and then make your life’s plan for your future success. Remember that “nothing ventured nothing will be gained”. Good luck!