Discover the Power of Subconscious Persuasion

The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that is alive and at work even when the conscious brain is not aware of it. Psychology researchers have explored the human brain, trying to understand what happens to us in the subconscious mind. How can one affects the subconscious persuasion? They have come up with many theories on how to tap into the subconscious mind of another person, but seems impossible to contact and control your own. Everybody has an active subconscious mind, but nobody controls the activity in his or hers.

During our every day endeavor, we often tap into our own subconscious mind subconsciously by remembering or acting upon something. You can be walking, eating, or doing another activity while suddenly you get an answer for a question that you have been having, or you remember something that happened ages ago. Watching T.V, adverts, posters and other read material puts information in our subconscious mind, and this is retrieved later if the mind is triggered by something else.

For example, the commercials, word of mouth, billboards and the images that we have been subjected to have an influence on what we buy due to the power of peripheral communication. The marketers of these products constantly provoke our senses by showing us the good sides of the products. Therefore, when we go to purchase something, we feel as if we are already familiar with the items even though we have never used them before.

How powerful is Subconscious Persuasion?

Research has proven that nothing that we have learned is forgotten since it is stored away in the subconscious memory. This leaves us with a lot of thoughts, memories, responses, images and feelings. Whenever the brain receives a message, it goes through what is in store to look for familiarity. This is why a feeling, message or image can be triggered by something long after you first had an encounter with it, regardless of whether you thought about it then.

Subconscious persuasion happens when you persuade somebody to do something without them being aware of what you are doing. All you need to do is to bring out the emotions that they have put in their mind subconsciously. This is done by creating feelings that compel the subject to feel the need to attend to what you want them to do. It is very effective since the person is unaware of what is happening so they are at a point where they can only agree.

The principle of Subconscious persuasion works by using such things as body language, the understanding of the person and patience. Once you understand the target person, you can reach deep into their mind and persuade them to do something they do not want to do. You can use subliminal technology to reach out to the subconscious mind of the targeted person and persuade them to conform. The power of persuasion is not unidirectional since you need many triggers to make the person agree to what you want on their own. Subconscious persuasion leads to growth of the person. However, it can also unleash the evils that are hidden deep down in the mind of the person.