How Much Does Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Cost?

You can spend a fortune looking for a way kick the smoking habit with gums, patches, shots and therapy. But what about hypnosis? Exactly how much does that cost? It depends upon which method you end up picking.

A Single Session with a Local Hypnotist

For anyone who is going into an office to see a hypnotist, you should expect to spend a healthy amount. Prices around the extreme low end usually start at $85 per session and climb from there, often reaching $500 or more for big-name hypnotists in large cities. Prices also vary according to experience and education. While you’ll find extremely effective hypnotists that will work with you for under $100, remember that that’s for the single session only, and you could require more than one. Prices can easily add up.

Stop Smoking Seminar

Going to a seminar helps to split the expense amongst many people. The common prices that you will find in your local paper range from $50 to $125. Since seminars are generally conducted by traveling hypnotists, there usually isn’t an option for a follow-up session, so you don’t have to be worried about additional costs. If you require a follow-up session however, you might need to consider other options, and consequently other costs.

Recorded Hypnosis Programs for Home Use

The best programs could cost from $50 up to several hundred, with the majority clustering within the $60 and $100 range. The biggest cost benefit comes from the fact that you can listen to the program repeatedly without paying extra, effectively giving you session after session without additional cost.

There is no established industry standard for hypnosis pricing, but in general, what’s listed above is what you can expect to find. Remember though, you often get what you pay for. That is not an argument for the most expensive option, however it is an argument to use your head. If a hypnotist appears to be charging far too little, you might like to ask why.

While discount prices can frequently seem appealing, it’s not always the best choice when it comes to choosing your hypnosis solution! You absolutely must consider reputation, experience and, importantly, the “feeling” you get from your hypnotist or hypnosis program. Do they instill a sense of trust? Do you feel comfortable dealing with them, or using the program you’re considering? Cost is merely one of the many variables in your quest to give up smoking with hypnosis.