How to Overcome Anger and Hatred

Anger is evil and will destroy you. Satan wants you to be angry so he can control you. If you are angry, it is not useful. Get rid of it!

Anger takes away our thinking and self-control. Alcohol and drugs can bring our anger out, and we end up fighting with others.

We can feel anger when other people hurt us or don’t do what we think they should.

Sometimes our anger is toward ourselves. If we are not living up to what we expect of ourselves, we have the tendency to become angry with ourselves. Angry thoughts can give us a bad attitude toward life and toward ourselves and result in unhappiness. We need to be as kind and tolerant of ourselves as we are of others. Remember this life is a time of learning, a time for growing. We must be patient with ourselves as we are learning. Mistakes are okay if we learn from them, and if we are always striving to become a better person.

Satan wants you to have hatred, another part of anger. Hatred is evil and controlling and causes people to do evil things, for which they pay a big price. Often a prison sentence. Hatred and anger also destroy relationships.


Anger comes from our thoughts and feelings when something happens to us we don’t like. Other times it comes from our selfishness, when we don’t get what we want.

Sometimes our anger stems from our childhood and how parents or caregivers treated us. Anger often becomes a bad habit learned from someone we know and how he or she handles life.

Sometimes someone else influences us. People who belong to a gang often take on the anger and hatred of the gang rather than use their own reasoning and intelligence. They don’t think for themselves. This is wrong and foolish and is exactly what Satan wants. When you have anger, you play right into his hands.

Satan wants you to think you have enemies. To hate even strangers. In reality, if you were to get to know those you feel anger toward, you may find they are no different than you. They have the same needs and desires for life that you have. If you took the chance to get to know them, you may even find out you like them. Remember you are a child of God and so are they. They are your brothers and sisters.

War is a terrible thing–people killing other people they don’t even know because of hatred. If you are filled with hatred, you can bring war to your own life.

We need to learn to control our anger. When we feel anger, we must give ourselves a time out! Step back. Walk away, count to yourself, but never react. We must be in control and use our “consequence thinking.” The use of drugs and alcohol has the potential to fill us with anger and lets Satan control us. If we allow ourselves to get out of control, we take the risk of doing something, which can destroy our lives.

We must get help for our anger. There are excellent books on the subject, and you can get professional help. You can ask God to help you. You can make changes in your thinking. You can make commitments. Forgiveness and love are the best way to overcome anger.