All that Glitters

Things that glitter make good impressions at first sight. They steal your visions like there’s nothing left to see. You catch a glimpse of it and you are drawn a little bit more towards it. But they necessarily mean they are gold. You could find it hollow inside. The outer appearance may not always give you the right judgments about its contents. Only when you look inside, you would know if the OUTER compliments with the INNER.

Sometimes the goodness of the inside do not always show just as all pretty faces do not carry personalities that match up to their images. It isn’t looks, wealth and fame that make somebody’s life a perfect combination of qualities that people look out for. It isn’t beauty on the outside and ugliness inside that makes a thing or a person worth appreciating. It isn’t always sugar coated words that tells of the heart’s true feelings.

Most times the depths of the inside are a bunch of different things that are totally contradicting to what it appears on the outside. And we get deceived a lot of times because we forget to look inside and search deeper. We forget to look beyond the image that stands before us. We make our judgments too quickly before we get the real taste of things placed before us. We could be right at some given day or time but that does not mean our judgments about things or people we come across in life are always correct.

There are surprises unfolding every time. Life really is full of surprises. Our assumptions could fail us badly. Things we consider good may turn out bad. Even lives of people we thought would prosper may fall before it starts. A house that outshines its counterparts may not always be a home or a person having a wide range of knowledge may not be necessarily called wise. Books with impressive covers may not always contain rich and fulfilling contents. But they draw us so easily. One glance at it and we think they are what they seem on the outside. Just one look at the glowing, catchy things and we are driven to it as though a magnet’s pulling us.

We are living in a world where too many things are attractive on the outside and too little to offer us once we get to the heart of it. A lot of glittery things may come our way while we walk and go forward to see the world further. Glittery things like promises that are hollow. Friendships that are not real, boxes without treasures, medicines that do not cure, wishes that are not genuine, fire that has no warmth, food that are not healthy and a million other things that are empty inside.

Let’s not get carried away by the outer appearance without having the knowledge of what might be inside. Let’s not be people who judge a book by its covers. Let’s not be those who let all those things that glitter take us by. Let’s first learn to look inside and then slowly choose things that are useful, things that are important and are truly beautiful for even the blind have visions that we cannot see. Just because they cannot see the material things of this world doesn’t mean that they are deprived of seeing. It’s easy to look at them and think they have seen the least but it could be that they have seen more important things than we did. Remember all that glitters are not always worth looking out for.