Get Up and Get Cracking!

It’s no longer news that the Wright brothers in their many efforts flew the first plane in the world, and also that Isaac Newton propounded the Laws of motion, and also Archimedes, the Law of flotation, and also about the ingenious works of the genius himself, Sir Albert Einstein, and also that Micheal Jordan is regarded the biggest thing that happened to the world of basketball, and also that the King of Pop music, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is still the highest sold music yet to be surpassed by any living music artist alive! Also I can go on and on the list is endless! But the good thing about this list is that the list is endless!

That means there’s still room for you to put your name on that list! Capice?

Yes! I believe that any individual,excuse me, YOU can be what you want to be! Those things that you do that you think are insignificant, useless or irrelevant might just be what the world is desperately in need of, and there you are, just lazying about dilly dallying and procrastinating, God me! WAKE UP! Get up and get cracking! You may never know what you would or will achieve till you try….

Now let’s get to the big question that you might want to ask me, “What do I have?”

Well let me tell you categorically that every human being is born naked but not born empty! Yes! Otherwise we would not have the technology we humans boast of now would we? You’ve got everything that you need to get things started. In case you still are in doubt, brain storm through this miniature questionnaire…

(1) What do I love doing most that would take most of my attention without getting me tired?

(2) What do I enjoy doing that i could do for free and still be happy doing it?

(3) I’m I obligated to do it?

(4) Do I do it willingly and happily without anyone telling me to do it?

(5) Even if I don’t get “rich” in the process, would I still keep doing it?

(6) Do I derive joy and satisfaction from it?

(7) If I don’t succeed the first time, would I keep trying?

Now if you went through that miniature questionnaire and you answered it truthfully, then you must have discovered that you’ve got a lot in you that is yet to be tapped! Get up it’s morning time friend, smell the pheromones!

You must know that men are remembered not for the wealth they amassed during their life time, but for the marks they left behind by virtue of their achievements in life, when you see Albert Einstein, he’ll tell you how true this is.