What’s Your Flavor?

Even though the self development industry is now bigger than ever a lot of people misunderstand the concepts and theories taught and think that life is just about blindly achieving as much as possible and finally being able to call yourself “successful”.

What you have to remember throughout your development process is that success is really only about happiness and that if you were 100% happy right now you wouldn’t care about money, fancy clothes or none of those things as they are usually just a way in which we try to make ourselves happy.

It is true that having money to buy the things we want in life can actually help make us happy and content. However, you should never go after achieving different things just because they are perceived by society as being emblems and marks of success. What you really have to ask yourself is what you want out of life and how you actually need in order to be fulfilled and happy. The tricky part is sticking to the goal you first determine as it is very easy for us humans to constantly want more and become a little greedy.

If you become greedy you will never be satisfied and will constantly be asking for more and more. You have to ask yourself the very popular question “What’s my flavor?”, in other words what do you want out of life and what will it take for you to be happy. Write down all the things you want in life before you are truly happy. After you have made your list you need to realize that you don’t need any of those things in order to be happy and that happiness is just about giving yourself permission to be happy.

Most people just need to have all of those things in life before they can give themselves that permission. Change your mind set to being happy every single day you are alive and try to remember that every single day alive truly is a blessing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue all of those things you want out of life and that you shouldn’t be ambitious, it simply means that you are going to do so while being happy in your pursuit. Achieve those things because you simply want to and not because you are chasing some fairy tale dream of living happily thereafter.